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»In retrospect, there was perhaps a melancholy hesitation on the question of what he might write in the future, but his work both inside the crime genre and beyond it makes him a formidable figure in modern German literature and in translation in 23 countries.«

Mark Lawson

Mark Lawson about german writer Jakob Arjouni, who passed away last thursday. His obit at The Guardian.

»Admirers of the Rebus books will be relieved the hero has returned with little change except an increase in the severity of warnings from his doctor. His closest emotional relationship is still with his car – a Saab almost as battered as he is – although there are encouraging signs of further reconciliation with his daughter.«

Mark Lawson

DI John Rebus is back: Mark Lawson welcomes the return of Ian Rankin’s favourite cop in his latest novel Standing in Another Man’s Grave. Read the review at