Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Marilyn Stasio

  • Darkness, Darkness by John Harvey
  • Rose Gold by Walter Mosley
  • The Stone Wife by Peter Lovesey
  • Prison Noir edited by Joyce Carol Oates

Letting Go: Marilyn Stasio about new novels by John Harvey, Walter Mosley and Peter Lovesey and about the Akashic anthology Prison Noir edited by Joyce Carol Oates. Her reviews at The New York Times.

  • The Red Road by Denise Mina
  • Dead Water by Ann Cleeves
  • Murder in Pigalle by Cara Black
  • The Poisoned Pawn by Peggy Blair

Bleak Houses: Marilyn Stasio about new crime fiction by Denise Mina, Ann Cleeves, Cara Black and Peggy Blair. Read more at The New York Times.

  • Love Story, With Murders by Harry Bingham
  • Deep Winter by Samuel W. Gailey
  • This Dark Road to Mercy by Wiley Cash
  • The Ghost Runner: A Makana Mystery by Parker Bilal

New crime fiction books: Marilyn Stasio about new books by Harry Bingham, Samuel W. Gailey, Wiley Cash and Parker Bilal. Her review at The New York Times.