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»But Maggie differed from her contemporaries in another crucial way. In an era when most mysteries featured strong men, or non-aggressive women like Miss Marple or Nancy Drew, Maggie’s protagonists were smart, difficult, and sometimes threatening. They were women who shared a quietly desperate view of a hard-boiled world.«

Kathleen Sharp

Mores and corruptions of a stratified society: Kathleen Sharp with worth reading portait about literary suspense author Margaret’Maggie‘ Millar. Her portrait The Dangerous Housewife at the Los Angeles Review of Books.

»Millar’s novels still have their unsettling power because of her innate precision, whether with character insight, moving the plot along, or finding just the right ending twist, that surprises less for the shock and more for the realization it was foreshadowed perfectly the whole way through.«

Sarah Weinman

Margaret Millar is the original Canadian queen of crime, says Sarah Weinman in her fine essay about the writer. Read more at the National Post.