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  • You were born in and live in Boston, also the setting of many of your books. What are the best novels about Boston? Said something
  • The Friends of Eddie Coyle, by George V. Higgins. The Last Hurrah, by Edwin O’Connor. The Edge of Sadness, by Edwin O’Connor. And in nonfiction, you can’t forget Common Ground, by J. Anthony Lukas.

A Q&A with Dennis Lehane (Live by Night) at The New York Times.

»Lehane’s ambition might also set him apart. Live by Night and 2009’s The Given Day — a book Russo casually calls “the best novel published that year” — have a historical sweep that his earlier work doesn’t, while still dealing with the social issues that interest him, including race, poverty, and violence.«

Mark Shanahan

Dennis Lehane widens with his new novel Live by Night his world of words, Mark Shanahan says. His portrait about the author you will find at

»An Irish boy from Boston becomes a man dealing with Italian gangsters, Southern Klansmen and Cuban freedom fighters. It’s an original story, and it’s truly American.«

Nancy Klingener

Dennis Lehane’s new novel portrays a small-time outlaw in Boston, Nancy Klingener says. Her review at