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»The thing about Los Angeles is, there’s all kinds of life. The whole purpose of crime fiction is to find those different places.«

Walter Mosley

Ezekiel »Easy« Rawlins—private investigator, former aircraft assembly plant worker, WWII veteran, onetime resident of Watts—has appeared in 12 of Walter Mosley’s novels set in the ’40s through the ’60s. Little Green was published in the spring. Mosley about Mosley, LA and crime fiction – at Los Angeles Magazine.

»Throughout Little Green, in order to overcome the emotional and physical trauma his near-death experience has left him with, Easy pops little vials of a magical potion Mama Jo (a »backwoods alchemist« acquaintance of his) calls »Gator’s Blood.« He doesn’t know what’s in it, but time and again this mysterious elixir gives him the strength to push upwards and onward, through, over and around his foes, giving him the feeling — as he states more than once — that he can do »almost anything.«

Easy Rawlins is Walter Mosley’s Gator’s Blood.

With Easy as his protagonist, Mosley can do — and get away with — almost anything.«

Gar Anthony Haywood

Easy Rawlins is back: Gar Anthony Haywood about the latest novel Little Green by Walter Mosley. His review you will find at the Los Angeles Review of Books.