Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Lee Child

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»Pflichtlektüre. Da gibt es nichts zu rezensieren.«

Andreas Ammer

Das sagt Andreas Ammer über einen Krimi. Und das gilt auch für seine Krimi-Kolumne beim Deutschlandfunk. Er bespricht folgende Bücher:

  • M von Friedrich Ani
  • Die hohe Kunst des Bankraubes von Christopher Brookmyre
  • Unter dem Auge Gottes von Jerome Charyn
  • 61 Stunden von Lee Child
  • Unter dem Augusthimmel von Gustavo Machado
  • Abbey Road Murder Song von William Shaw

»For Reacher-like sticklers, a few small points of Never Go Back can be nitpicked. This is one of the most human, least mechanistic books in the lineup, yet Reacher repeatedly insists that all thought processes are binary: it’s yes or no, left or right, no middle ground.«

Janet Maslin

Beating people up: Janet Maslin about the new Jack Reacher novel Never Go Back by Lee Child. Her review at The New York Times.

Writers at Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival 2013.

Short interviews with Ruth Rendell, Steve Mosby, Mark Billingham & Martyn Waites, Stav Sherez, Michael Robotham, Alex Marwood, Lee Child, Lauren Beukes, Nicci French, Ann Cleeves, Helen Fitzgerald, Sebastian Fitzek, Louise Penny, Lyndsay Faye, Sarah Pinborugh, Simon Kernick.

Interviews by Stacy Patton.

  • Reacher’s Rules: Life Lessons From Jack Reacher by Jack Reacher, Foreword by Lee Child
  • The Racketeer by John Grisham
  • The Wrong Man by David Ellis
  • The Sentinel by Mark Oldfield
  • The Spies

John O’Connell examines the month’s best crime novels, with cases from the US, Spain and Brazil. At

»I would go so far as to say that, in a sense, all novels should aspire to the condition of crime writing: that the genre showcases what is desirable, even necessary, in a book.«

Laura Thompson

„Is crime the new literary fiction?“ Laura Thompson asks ahead of a debate on crime and literary fiction. Her essay at