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»Disdain for political corruption (something Mexico still suffers from today) soaks through every page of The Mongolian Conspiracy, as if Bernal were using the novel to elucidate what he had learned from a lifetime of writing, politics and diplomacy, and the now-somewhat-comic capers of the Cold War era.«

J.C. Gabel

Colorful anecdotes and plot twists abound in a reissue of Rafael Bernal’s Mexico City-set The Mongolian Conspiracy. J. C. Gabel reviews the book at Los Angeles Times.

»Still, despite some unlikely turns of plot, the book is largely effective as a series of dialogues.«

David L. Ulin

The digital Walter Mosley:
David L. Ulin about the novel Odyssey by Walter Mosley. His new novel is being released as an e-book original. Read the review at Los Angeles Times.