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»There are so many real people and crimes in Chandler’s fiction that I would introduce the story by saying, «Raymond Chandler made nothing up, but unfortunately he never wrote about this weird incident at work.» Then one day I thought, «Wouldn’t it be fascinating if he HAD written about the cult?» And I jumped off from there.«

Kim Cooper

L.A. noir: Carolyn Kellogg in conversation with writer Kim Cooper about her novel The Kept Girl. In her novel the Great Eleven religious cult has persuaded a wealthy young man to part with $40,000; his uncle enlists his company accountant to try to get the money back. That accountant is writer Raymond Chandler, who investigates with the help of his secretary and a former police detective. Read more at the Los Angeles Times.

»I have read a bit of Leonard, though not a ton. I’d say the Richard Stark Parker novels were much more in my mind when I started out — along with, of course, Chandler, Hammett, James Cain and Lawrence Block — who’s written great crime novels set in 1980s NYC, which in hindsight feels almost dystopian.«

Adam Sternbergh

Gleeful dystopia: Carolyn Kellogg in conversation with writer Adam Sternbergh. His first novel Shovel Ready has just been published. Read the Q&A at the Los Angeles Times.