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»McDermid continues to provide compelling, page-turning, spine-tingling (both these novels have scenes that will, as my grandmother used to say, “curl your hair”), vividly realistic and suspenseful tales of what happens when people are left to their own devices and desires.«

Victoria Brownworth

Victoria Brownworth about the two novels The Retribution and The Vanishing Poin by Val McDermid. Her review you will find at the Lambda Literary Review.

  • Southern Fried by Rob Rosen
  • Last Dance by David Russell
  • A Hard Winter Rain by John Inman
  • Zero Break by Neil S. Plakcy
  • Dos Equis by Anthony Bidulka
  • Reckoning by David Lennon
  • Boystown 4: A Time for Secrets by Marshall Thornton
  • Infected: Shift by Andrea Speed
  • Animal Instinct by Stephen Osborne

Drewey Wayne Gunn with nine novels worth setting your sights on. His reviews at