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»Benjamin Black is a craftsman and takes great pride in being a craftsman; Banville has pretentions to be an artist. (…) Both are after different things. You could say that Black writes about what people do whereas Banville tries to write about what people are.«

John Banville/Benjamin Black

Many faces: Ian Floyd in conversation with John Banville aka Benjamin Black about his latest novel Holy Orders. Read the interview at Kirkus Reviews.

»I think maybe everything I do is a hat tip to Ross Macdonald.«

Linwood Barclay

No Pain, No Gain: J. Kingston Pierce in conversation with writer Linwood Barclay. His latest thriller, A Tap on the Window, has just been published. Read the interview at Kirkus Review, additionals Q&As you can find at The Rap Sheet.

»For me, achieving authenticity meant, among other things, that readers had to trust the protagonist, that he be competent, thinking the right thoughts and doing the right things at the right times, and that the readers’ angle of view had to be horizontal, rather than vertical.«

Steven Gore

The Challenge of Realism: Writer Steven Gore about writing realistic crime fiction and about his latests novel A Criminal Defense. His view at The Kirkus Reviews.