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»Turow nods to novels like John Updike’s The Centaur, which uses the myths of antiquity to reflect on the modern age, as well as Jane Smiley’s A Thousand Acres, whose touchstone is King Lear. His agent asked if the novel was going to identify with stories like The Prince and the Pauper or A Tale of Two Cities, which are dependent on the true identities of certain characters. But the origins of Identical were actually personal, as Turow’s sister had a twin brother who died in childbirth.«

Clayton Moore

Portrait & Interview: Clayton Moore in conversation with writer Scott Turow about his latest thriller Identical. Read more at The Kirkus Reviews.

»The dexterously configured plot was inspired by «priest holes,» hiding places built into manor houses in the English countryside where priests still said mass and hid during Elizabeth I’s persecution of Catholicism in the 16th century.«

Evan Rodriguez

A hero whose courage is hiding in plain sight: Evan Rodriguez about the thriller The Paris Architect by Charles Belfoure. His review at The Kirkus Reviews.

»Yet, [Alistair] MacLean excelled at tales in which men were driven to extremes and twists repeatedly blindsided you. His books may not have been literary masterpieces, but the best of them—those in which he wrote about subjects and environments he knew well—were far from rubbish.«

J. Kingston Pierce

Fit to thrill: J. Kingston Pierce about Alistair MacLean and why his books deserves to be read again. More at The Kirkus Review.