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»Replete with bad cops, false leads, twists and sudden turns, this is superlative crime fiction mixed with unforced cultural analysis that bursts right out of genre constrictions.«

Robin Yassin-Kassab about Kingdom of Strangers by Zoë Ferraris. His review at

»The professional analysis of the serial killer’s mind and methods, the pathetic details of the victims’ lives, the intuitive breakthroughs, the final confrontation: All have become cliches of the genre, but Ferraris delivers them with skill and expert timing.«
Anna Mundow about the new murder mystery Kingdom of Strangers by Zoe Ferraris. Her review at

»There’s something here for everyone: a thrilling mystery; exposure to a country typically shrouded under a veil from the Western gaze; not one but two conflicted love stories.«
Malena Watrous about the novel Kingdom of Strangers, the third novel in a series set in Saudi Arabia, by Zoë Ferraris. Her review at