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»The story is very far from complete, but it has created a world, past and present, and not terribly benign, that I can scarcely wait to enter again.«

Katherine A. Powers

Minnesota thriller trilogy: Katherine A. Powers about the novel The Land of Dreams by Vidar Sundstøl. Her review at The Washington Post.

»The novel’s atmosphere is Catholic noir: Faithlessness, betrayal, loneliness and cheap solace pervade this world of drifters, roadhouses, seedy lodgings, burlesque theaters, chophouses and brothels.«

Katherine A. Powers

The Encounter is Crawford Power’s only published work, Katherine A. Powers says. Her review you can read at The Washington Post.

»In a situation hopelessly vulnerable to puns, Rosie Dastgir’s first novel, A Small Fortune, has been followed closely by her husband John Gapper’s own debut, A Fatal Debt. The two novels, however, deal in two different currencies: In her psychologically complex story of cultural strains, family connections are skewed by money; in his intricately plotted thriller, lives are poisoned by specious financial derivatives.

Katherine A. Powers about both books. Her review at