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»It is a wonderful read and an exhilarating experiment, all wrapped up in a prose style that has a simplicity and precision that would make both Jane Austen and George Orwell whoop with joy. It is brilliant news that it has won the prize.«

Sarah Crompton

Kate Atkinson’s Costa Novel award for Life After Life shows that great writing can also be entertaining, says Sarah Crompton. Her view at The Telegraph.

»Even so, I had a few worries after learning the premise of Life After Life. The cover asks: »What would you do if you had the chance to live your life again and again, until you finally got it right?« The novel isn’t quite as straightforward as that question suggests, but it essentially sums things up.«

Sam Jordison

Not the Booker prize 2013: Sam Jordison about the novel Life After Life by Kate Atkinson. His review at The Guardian.

»One of the things I like most about British mystery novels (including Kate Atkinson’s)is the combination of good writing and a certain theatrical bravado. Their authors enjoy showing us how expertly they can construct a puzzle, then solve it: the literary equivalent of pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Life After Life inspires a similar sort of admiration, as Atkinson sharpens our awareness of the apparently limitless choices and decisions that a novelist must make on every page, and of what is gained and lost when the consequences of these choices are, like life, singular and final.«

Francine Prose

Kate Atkinson’s novel follows the many alternate courses her protagonist’s destiny might have taken, Francine Prose says. Her review of Life After Life by Kate Atkinson you can read at The New York Times.