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»And I admit that by this point, close to the end of a monotonous 800-page novel, I was truly perplexed. Nothing wrong, I suppose, with a Harry Potter homage, but it’s hard for an adult reader to be gripped by a tale with no real subtext and peopled entirely by Goodies and Baddies.«

Julie Myerson

Overlong and tediously Potteresque: Julie Myerson with a harsh critique on Donna Tartt’s latest novel The Goldfinch. Her review at The Guardian.

»Myerson keeps the reader guessing until the very end and provides no easy answers in a deceptively simple read that will compel horror fans while being just as satisfying to her own readership.«

Louise Doughty

Writer Louise Doughty about the latest novel The Quickening by Julie Myerson. Her review at The Guardian.

  • Petite Mort by Beatrice Hitchman
  • Gone Again by Doug Johnstone
  • The Quickening by Julie Myerson
  • We Are Here by Michael Marshall
  • the Catch by Tom Bale

New Thrillers in a review roundup by John O’Connell. His view about new books by Beatrice Hitchman, Doug Johnstone, Julie Myerson, Michael Marshall and Tom Bale you can read at The Guardian.