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S by J. J. Abrams and Doug Dorst

One of the finest books in 2013 may be S. by filmmaker J. J. Abrams and fiction writer Doug Dorst. Here you will find a compilation of reviews, interviews and articels about this novel.

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»For most of us, the main problem seems to be a kind of over-remembering, a piling on of incidents that make sense individually but, taken all together, seem improbable. People tend to think of recollections as fading over time, but memories also grow like manuscripts being revised. In remembering, we add and fill in—and the more often you remember something, the more you change it, by committing to memory your own imaginative acts of recall. That’s why, eventually, our memories take on the glow, drama, and swiftness of fiction.«

Joshua Rothman

Memento: When Dan Brown Came to Visit – an essay by Joshua Rothman. At The New Yorker.