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»Still, Turow is Turow. As the novel makes its way to its conclusion, it steadily picks up speed and interest. His plot is characteristically complicated — some readers may find some parts of it implausible, though they were okay by me — and he wraps things up in satisfactory fashion. I admit that I did figure out well in advance who did it, but I’m not telling.«

Jonathan Yardley

In Identical, a 25-year-old murder resurfaces and threatens to take down an up-and-coming politician. Jonathan Yardley reviews the latest thriller by Scott Turow at The Washington Post.

»From where I sit, Pelecanos gets it all just right, and that he tells a hell of a good story is just very nice icing on a very tasty cake.«

Jonathan Yardley

Spero Lucas goes searching for a missing painting and the deadly boyfriend of a jilted woman. Jonathan Yardley about the latest thriller The Double by George Pelecanos. His review at The Washington Post.

»Some reviewer said the novel was ‘Southern Gothic,’ suggesting a piece of fiction dealing in fantastic occurrences in an overdrawn setting. My memory is that my aim merely was to show it the way it was and leave it to the reader to reach his own conclusions as to the point of it, if there was any, or draw his own moral if he needed one.«

James Ross

New luster for a hard-boiled gem: They Don’t Dance Much is attuned to the ambiguities of human behavior and tightly controlled, says Jonathan Yardley. Read his review of the novel by James Ross at The Washington Post.