Depeschen mit dem Leitwort John Harvey

  • Darkness, Darkness by John Harvey
  • Rose Gold by Walter Mosley
  • The Stone Wife by Peter Lovesey
  • Prison Noir edited by Joyce Carol Oates

Letting Go: Marilyn Stasio about new novels by John Harvey, Walter Mosley and Peter Lovesey and about the Akashic anthology Prison Noir edited by Joyce Carol Oates. Her reviews at The New York Times.

»Letitia is a wonderful character, a more likeable update of the she-devil Mildred in W. Somerset Maugham’s memorable 1915 novel Of Human Bondage. Both Karen and Cordon reflect Harvey’s ability to endow his characters with conflicting strength and weakness; in other words, to make them real.«

Patrick Anderson

John Harvey’s books are a joy, Patrick Anderson says. His review of Good Bait you will find at The Washington Post.