Depeschen mit dem Leitwort John Grisham

»What do I take away from my experience? A couple things: If you’re lucky enough to find a mentor, pay exquisite and achingly careful attention. Although it’s not easy to internalize their lessons, they have learned the hard way and their advice is priceless. No magic keys, just some doors they can point you to that are easier to open.«

Tony Vanderwarker

Portrait: Writer Tony Vanderwarker (Writing with the Master and Sleeping Dogs) about his mentor John Grisham. Read more at Los Angeles Review of Books.

»Over the years, if people get close enough to offer an opinion about the books, they’re probably going to say, «The first one is my favorite. When are you going to get back to Ford County?» So I’ve often thought about another story with Jake and the cast of characters. I did not want another big racially charged murder trial, because most small Southern towns don’t have those on a weekly basis.«

John Grisham

Novelist John Grisham talks about his return to Ford County in Sycamore Row and an unpleasant stint as a politician. Read the interview by Irene Lacher at the Los Angeles Times.

»It has long been clear that the prolific Grisham is a great storyteller, but much depends on what story he comes up with. The novels I’ve read have always been entertaining, but their stories have often been fanciful and slight.«

Patrick Anderson

Jake Brigance, the young lawyer from John Grisham’s first novel, A Time to Kill, is back. Patrick Anderson about the latest thriller Sycamore Row. His review at The Washington Post.