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»We all think about murdering another person on occasions; what matters is not acting on that impulse. I’m lucky to have fictional characters to do it for me.«

Sue Grafton

John Crace with a portrait about crime fiction writer Sue Grafton and exctracts from her latest book Kinsey and Me. You can read both at The Guardian.

»I’ve found myself wondering what Parker would wear. In Germany, he’s more real than Jamal. On an author tour there, I was booked into every hotel as Herr Bilal. And my wife says Parker is actually a great deal nicer.«

Jamal Mahjoub aka Parker Bilal

Jamal Mahjoub is living a double life, as a literary novelist and as the crime writer Parker Bilal. Under his pen name he has published the two Makana Mysteries Navigation of a Rainmaker and Dogstar Rising. John Crace talked to Mr. Mahjoub alias Herr Bilal. Read the interview at The Guardian.