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»Mr. Connelly may not be a perfect wordsmith, but he brings down the hammer of justice with unequivocal power.«

Janet Maslin

A terrible fate: Janet Maslin about the latest legal thriller The Gods of Guilt by Michael Connelly. Her review at The New York Times.

»Ms. Schwegel does not milk this material for unexpected twists and turns. This is not a Harlan Coben book, in which a kindly adult tries to save at-risk children and a new crisis arrives at the end of every chapter. Ms. Schwegel’s pace is slower and her path more meandering, as befits a story of lost characters trying to find their way back to the peace they once knew. The Good Boy is not sentimental (beyond the occasional «I love you, puppy»), but it puts a high value on rekindling parent-child love and keeping bad guys out of good people’s lives.«

Janet Maslin

More nuanced and impassioned police stories
: Janet Maslin on the novel The Good Boy by Theresa Schwegel. Her review at The New York Times.

»For Reacher-like sticklers, a few small points of Never Go Back can be nitpicked. This is one of the most human, least mechanistic books in the lineup, yet Reacher repeatedly insists that all thought processes are binary: it’s yes or no, left or right, no middle ground.«

Janet Maslin

Beating people up: Janet Maslin about the new Jack Reacher novel Never Go Back by Lee Child. Her review at The New York Times.