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»Statistically all of us know a paedophile, statistically all of us know a rapist. Most people try to go through life not thinking about it. Maybe that’s why crime writing is so popular – it exposes those things and we can close the book and have a little shiver and think, ‚Well, it’s not happened to me – yet.’«

Belinda Bauer

Jane Jakeman has met novelist Belinda Bauer. Her chilling crime mysteries (latest: Rubbernecker) have caused a sensation, Mrs. Jakeman says. Read her portrait at The Independent.

»Jason Webster’s crime fiction does not sit easily with the usual „sun’n’sangria“ school of holiday reading. His Spanish detective first explored the dark side of Valencia in the fine Or the Bull Kills You.«
Jane Jakeman about A Death in Valencia by , Jason Webster. Her review at