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»More, perhaps, than any of Burke’s other novels, Light of the World is concerned with the irresolvable problem of evil, as practiced on both the corporate and personal levels.«

Bill Sheehan

Dave Robicheaux is an extraordinary character, Bill Sheehan says. His review of the latest Robicheaux novel Light of the World by James Lee Burke you will find at The Washington Post.

  • Visitation Street by Ivy Pochoda
  • Light of the World by James Lee Burke
  • Play Dead (Harpur & Iles Mysteries (Crime de La Crime)) by Bill James
  • The Devil’s Cave: A Bruno Courrèges Investigation by Martin Walker

Watery Graves: Marilyn Stasio about new novels by Ivy Pochoda, James Lee Burke, Bill James and Martin Walker. Her reviews at The New York Times.