Depeschen mit dem Leitwort James Ellroy

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»It is my largest novel, my most historically detailed novel, my most stylistically accessible and intimate novel.«

James Ellroy

News: James Ellroy returns to the 1940s in new four-book series what he’s calling the Second L.A. Quartet. Carolyn Kellogg reports at the Los Angeles Times.

P.S.: A letter from the author about the first volume Perfidia of this quartet.

»Peace is a great writer, but it seems like he deserves a critical drubbing for Red or Dead. You never know, maybe he’ll receive a phone call from a fellow writer from across the pond who’ll tell him, »Don’t worry pal, I’ve been there.««

Steve Powell

In his fine blog The Venetian Vase Steve Powell writes about the resemblance and the difference of James Ellroy and David Peace and why it seems that history repeats itself.

»I never knew her in life. She exists for me through others, in evidence of the ways her death drove them.«

James Ellroy

I Never Knew Her in Life: The Black Dahlia Case in Popular Culture: Steve Powell with a lecture he gave at St Barts Pathology Museum, London. You can read his lecture at his Blog The Venetian Vase.