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»For Reacher-like sticklers, a few small points of Never Go Back can be nitpicked. This is one of the most human, least mechanistic books in the lineup, yet Reacher repeatedly insists that all thought processes are binary: it’s yes or no, left or right, no middle ground.«

Janet Maslin

Beating people up: Janet Maslin about the new Jack Reacher novel Never Go Back by Lee Child. Her review at The New York Times.

  • Reacher’s Rules: Life Lessons From Jack Reacher by Jack Reacher, Foreword by Lee Child
  • The Racketeer by John Grisham
  • The Wrong Man by David Ellis
  • The Sentinel by Mark Oldfield
  • The Spies

John O’Connell examines the month’s best crime novels, with cases from the US, Spain and Brazil. At

»And A Wanted Man is more ingenious than other Reacher books have been about the underground activities Reacher is thwarting. Mr. Child’s endings would be even better if his books’ worst bad guys, besides being swarthy and disposable foreigners, were given tough-guy talents of their own.«

Janet Maslin

Janet Maslin about the 17th Jack Reacher novel A Wanted Man by Lee Child. Her review at

»With Child, you can always count on furious action — and a damned good time.«

Connie Ogle

Connie Ogle on A Wanted Man: A Jack Reacher Novel by Lee Child, the 17th novel about Jack Reacher. Read the review at