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»I like to write action, and I enjoy stripping a story down to its essentials, so it runs lean and mean. Some reviewers have said they’d like a breather once in a while, to spend some time with the characters when they’re not speeding the plot along. I understand that, and in some cases in the past, I’ve written those scenes and then taken them out.«

Wallace Stroby

Stolen moments: J. Kingston Pierce in conversation with writer Wallace Stroby (latest novel Shoot the Woman First). The main interview you will find at Kirkus Reviews, additional questions and answers you will find at The Rap Sheet.

»The tales that captivated me the most were those that occupied the boundaries between the human psyche and the animal and spiritual worlds. Their yarns were peopled with spirits and dubious beings, hares that could turn into witches, mischievous fairies, haunted thorn trees, bewitched cattle, curses and cures. They fed my childhood imagination.«

Anthony Quinn

Ireland’s Dark Divide: J. Kingston Pierce in conversation with writer Anthony Quinn about his latest novel Border Angels. Read more at The Kirkus Reviews.

»Nonetheless, Solo is a consuming work, and William Boyd has made Bond his own. I wouldn’t be at all disappointed if Ian Fleming Publications begged him for a sequel.«

J. Kingston Pierce

No disappointment: J. Kingston Pierce about Solo, the new James Bond novel by William Boyd. His review at The Rap Sheet.

»Yet, [Alistair] MacLean excelled at tales in which men were driven to extremes and twists repeatedly blindsided you. His books may not have been literary masterpieces, but the best of them—those in which he wrote about subjects and environments he knew well—were far from rubbish.«

J. Kingston Pierce

Fit to thrill: J. Kingston Pierce about Alistair MacLean and why his books deserves to be read again. More at The Kirkus Review.

»In my opinion, Leonard is up there with James M. Cain, Raymond Chandler, Charles Willeford, and Patricia Highsmith as one of the best crime writers of the past 100 years. And I think he’ll still be part of the conversation 100 years from now.«

J. Kingston Pierce

Be Cool, Elmore Leonard: A worth reading homage to Elmore Leonard by J. Kingston Pierce. Read more at The Rap Sheet.

»I think maybe everything I do is a hat tip to Ross Macdonald.«

Linwood Barclay

No Pain, No Gain: J. Kingston Pierce in conversation with writer Linwood Barclay. His latest thriller, A Tap on the Window, has just been published. Read the interview at Kirkus Review, additionals Q&As you can find at The Rap Sheet.