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»All the Wallander books are basically a discussion on the relationship between democracy and the system of justice, which is one of the most important discussions we can have, because if the system of justice can’t work then democracy can’t work.«

Henning Mankell

Henning Mankell created one of fiction’s chilliest detectives in Wallander. Patrick Nugent in conversation with the author. Read the interview at The Irish Times.

»My ideal is a book that is brilliantly written with a proper, literary use of language, but also with a really gripping plot. That’s why I really like Tana French, or Gone Girl [by Gillian Flynn] – properly good writers writing crime fiction that obeys all the rules of the genre, but being as original as possible within those rules.«

Sophie Hannah

Crime writer Declan Burke in conversation with his counterpart Sophie Hannah. Hannah’s latest novel The Carrier has just been published in the UK. Read the fine interview and portrait at