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»Meine Neugier beim Schreiben galt «den Borisen», und der Boris im Buch ist der beste Freund von Theo, ein lebenslanger Freund. Ich habe zum Beispiel in einer wunderbaren Statistik gelesen, dass die Ukrainer [sic: «die Borise»] die literarischsten Menschen der Welt sind und dabei die höchste Alkoholismus-Quote erreichen. Sowas gefällt mir!«

Donna Tartt

Pulitzer-Preis für den Roman The Goldfinch (dt.: Der Distelfink): Donna Tartt im Gespräch mit Sandra Hoffmann. Das Interview gibt es beim Deutschlandfunk.

»We live in an impermanent world. This story is the opposite of that. If one’s lucky enough to find in this life somebody who makes sense of the world for you, who is the perfect fit emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, that is something we respond to quite warmly.«

Alexander McCall Smith

No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency author Alexander McCall Smith talks about his characters and his spin on a Jane Austen classic. The interview by Carole Burns you will find at The Washington Post.

»There are so many real people and crimes in Chandler’s fiction that I would introduce the story by saying, «Raymond Chandler made nothing up, but unfortunately he never wrote about this weird incident at work.» Then one day I thought, «Wouldn’t it be fascinating if he HAD written about the cult?» And I jumped off from there.«

Kim Cooper

L.A. noir: Carolyn Kellogg in conversation with writer Kim Cooper about her novel The Kept Girl. In her novel the Great Eleven religious cult has persuaded a wealthy young man to part with $40,000; his uncle enlists his company accountant to try to get the money back. That accountant is writer Raymond Chandler, who investigates with the help of his secretary and a former police detective. Read more at the Los Angeles Times.