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Essay: The rise and rise of Florida crime fiction
»L.A. noir spoke to those far from California because readers recognized the hidden truth that the web of American corruption implicated everyone. All the great scandals of American life from the Second World War through Watergate involved some acknowledgment that sordid actuality and the shiny official imagery were, so to speak, scenes from one movie. Florida-glare novels speak to us because we see our current condition in the way that violence rises out of nowhere and is barely noticed.«
— Adam Gopnik

Bloodlines of genre fiction Adam Gopnik about the history of Florida crime fiction. His essay In the Back Cabana, first published in June 2013, is now available online at The New Yorker.

»But to describe Florida glare as something that spun off of L.A. noir is to imply that it wouldn’t exist without the fathering of Hammett and Chandler. That is to imply that Florida glare hasn’t been here all along, staring you square in the mug.«

J. David Gonzalez

Review: J. David Gonzalez about the essay In the Back Cabana: The Rise and Rise of Florida Crime Fiction by Adam Gopnik, published in The New Yorker’s Summer Fiction issue. Read his review at Los Angeles Review of Books.