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'Murder on Wheels' a new James Bond novel by Anthony Horowitz
» «Bond liked fast cars and he liked driving them,» Ian Fleming, a man similarly inclined, wrote in 1954’s Live and Let Die.
Now, 60 years on, an unpublished story by the late author in which James Bond takes on the Russians and gets involved in a Formula One race, is to form the basis for a new 007 novel by Anthony Horowitz.«
— Alison Flood

Murder on Wheels: Anthony Horowitz will adapt from an original Ian Fleming treatment a new novel. Alison Flood reports at

»Ein James Bond ist kein Cyrano de Bergerac.«

Bodo Mrozek

Stilblüten im Knopfloch: Bodo Mrozek mit einer Kritik zu den Neuübersetzungen der James-Bond-Romane, wie zum Beispiel Casino Royale von Ian Fleming, sowie über die Fortschreibung der James-Bond-Reihe mit dem Roman Solo durch William Boyd. Die Kritik gibt es bei der Zeit.

»It could be suggested that the spy thriller itself — certainly after Somerset Maugham’s 1928 Ashenden — became the perfect genre with which to explore so many of the anxieties about identity and its representation to which the modernist greats gave expression. Like Eliot’s Prufrock, Bond and his peers are for-ever preparing ‘a face to meet the faces’ that they meet, always working with that lurking uncertainty as to whether they are the hero or the anti-hero of their own life’s narrative. Joseph Conrad had earlier delved into similar territory in his thriller The Secret Agent

Matthew Woodcock

Matthew Woodcock about the writer Ian Fleming invented, and his literary influences. His essay at The Spectator.