Depeschen mit dem Leitwort

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»It’s a carny novel, it’s a novel about growing up, and, as you might expect, a novel about terror. All of us go through terrors growing up; in our hero’s case, the terrors have an objective correlative in the person of a deranged killer.«

Max Phillips

Q & A: Under the Covers is an ongoing series at The Huffington Post. They talk to book cover designers about the inspiration behind their work. This time you can read an interview with Max Phillips, who designed the book cover for Stephen King’s new novel, Joyland.

»Pulp fiction, in many cases, is the second movement in the dialectic of inner transition. It is the antithesis of what is expected and the stepping stone to true freedom.«

Walter Mosley

The Magic Of Pulp Fiction is the introduction to the anthology Black Pulp edited by Tommy Hancock, Morgan Minor and Gary Phillips. Walter Mosley has written this introduction and you can catch it at The Huffington Post.