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»It’s a carny novel, it’s a novel about growing up, and, as you might expect, a novel about terror. All of us go through terrors growing up; in our hero’s case, the terrors have an objective correlative in the person of a deranged killer.«

Max Phillips

Q & A: Under the Covers is an ongoing series at The Huffington Post. They talk to book cover designers about the inspiration behind their work. This time you can read an interview with Max Phillips, who designed the book cover for Stephen King’s new novel, Joyland.

»Pulp fiction, in many cases, is the second movement in the dialectic of inner transition. It is the antithesis of what is expected and the stepping stone to true freedom.«

Walter Mosley

The Magic Of Pulp Fiction is the introduction to the anthology Black Pulp edited by Tommy Hancock, Morgan Minor and Gary Phillips. Walter Mosley has written this introduction and you can catch it at The Huffington Post.

»Starting with the first of his 20 novels, Laguna Heat, and continuing with stand-alones including Silent Joe and California Girl, Parker has always chaffed at the boundaries of the crime fiction genre, creating wildly inventive characters and surprising storylines. His risk-taking alone makes all of his work, including the Charlie Hood series, well worth reading.«

Bruce DeSilva

Mystery writer Bruce DeSilva about the novel The Famous and the Dead by his colleague T. Jefferson Parker. Find his review at The Huffington Post.

»Being a writer is like being a killer.

This is the gospel according to Hallgrimur Helgason, the off-beat author of The Hitman’s Guide to Housecleaning, a crime thriller about a Croatian hitman living in New York City who mistakenly kills an FBI agent and winds up fleeing to Iceland, where he takes on the identity of a proselytizing preacher.«

Edward M. Weinman

A View to a Killer: Crime writer Edward M. Weinman about the novel The Hitman’s Guide to Housecleaning by Hallgrímur Helgason (german translation: Zehn Tipps, das Morden zu beenden und mit dem Abwasch zu beginnen). His review at The Huffington Post.

»It gave me immense pleasure to write Death Comes to Pemberley and I hope that my readers in the United States will share that pleasure.«

P. D. James

Crime writer P. D. James about her latest novel Death Comes to Pemberley and the zwo problems in Jane Austen’s Pride and Predjucide. Happy Austenganza at The Huffington Post.

»It’s sacred and, therefore, I work at it and safeguard it. Very few things that are as deeply fulfilling as writing are easy. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.«

Michael Connelly

Ellen Sterling with a portrait of writer Michael Connelly, who has just published his 17th Hieronymous „Harry“ Bosch Novel The Black Box. Read on at

»Minor reservations aside, The Twenty-Year Death is a rewarding work that transcends its high concept origins.«

William Ambler

William Ambler about The Twenty-Year Death, the debut crime novel by Ariel S. Winter. His review at

»So I’ll keep devouring mysteries with my breakfasts, thank you, as I open window after window offering fresh perspectives on the world we live in.«

Holly Robinson

Murder, Mayhem, and Cultural Mirrors – Holly Robinson about the question, why we love mystery novels. Her answers at