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»Women’s credibility in court is still judged on their sexual history. (…) When Hilary Mantel read Apple Tree Yard she said it’s about the fine line that women tread and the price you pay for stepping over it. The price you pay for being extreme.«

Louise Doughty

Helen Brown talks to author Louise Doughty about her psychological thriller Apple Tree Yard and the double standards still applied to women. Read more at The Telegraph.

»Indeed with this book she’s both rattling at, and slipping through, the bars of fiction. Life hurts just like this, and sometimes you will be screaming at fate and sometimes you’ll get on with it. Savour those moments when disaster is averted and you find yourself laughing with uncomplicated joy, as Ursula does when she shakes off her worry that happy scenes will fall apart.«

Helen Brown

Kate Atkinson’s virtuoso new novel Life After Life is a real contender for the Women’s Prize, argues Helen Brown. Her review you can read at The Telegraph.