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»So there are several different genres and tones jostling for prominence within Lexicon: a conspiracy thriller, an almost abstract debate about what language can do, and an ironic questioning of some of the things it’s currently used for. The sheer noise of the thriller plot and its inevitable violence end up drowning out some of the other arguments Barry is making.«

Graham Sleight

A secret society of poets has figured out how to control people with words: Graham Sleight about the thriller Lexicon by Max Barry. His review at The Washington Post.

»Why start here? That is the most obvious question prompted by these two handsome volumes from the Library of America. They represent the LoA’s first attempt to argue for a canon of science fiction, but they start in the middle, in the 1950s. American science fiction began — at least as a self-conscious written tradition — when Hugo Gernsback founded Amazing Stories magazine in 1926 and filled it with what we now think of as pulp sf.«

Graham Sleight

Graham Sleight about the collection American Science Fiction: Nine Classic Novels of the 1950s , edited by Gary K. Wolfe. His review at