Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Golden Age

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»The best of the Golden Age detective stories have survived and will continue to survive, but they are not being written today. In the 1920s the present system of police forces being served by forensic science laboratories was not yet in place, and fictional autopsies were obviously regarded as somewhat unpleasant procedures and were very rarely mentioned, if indeed they took place. More importantly, the relationship between the police and the communities they serve has become more challenging in today’s diverse and multicultural society.«

P. D. James

Writer P. D. James remembering the gentlemanly world of Lord Peter Wimsey and Albert Campion. Her worth reading essay Who killed the golden age of crime? you will find at The Spectator.

»In the modern atmosphere the Humdrums have become the designated scapegoats for the Golden Age’s perceived sin of having overemphasized the puzzle element in mysteries. Even Christie, despite her still great sales and popularity, has been mocked as merely a maker of puzzles. I get into all this in the Masters of the ‘Humdrum’ Mystery introduction, which is called ‘Mere Puzzles’.«

Curtis Evans

Blogspot: Rich Westwood in conversation with Curtis Evans about his book Masters of the ‘Humdrum’ Mystery . Read more at the fine blog Past Offences.