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»In the hands of anyone else, this would have been a superlative crime novel, but Mina has raised her own bar so high that this latest featuring her female detective, DS Alex Morrow, falls a little short.«

Lesley McDowell

A short review: Lesley McDowell about the novel Gods and Beasts by Denise Mina. Read more at The Independent.

»Gods and Beasts — the third Alex Morrow novel, after Still Midnight (2009) and The End of the Wasp Season (2011) — is the bleak narrative of a policing system that values paper-pushing administration over the efforts of front-line officers on streets dominated by savvy criminals who know how to exploit the policing system to shape public perceptions.«

Jim Napier

Crime Fiction reviewer Jim Napier about the latest novel Gods and Beasts by Scottish crime writer Denise Mina. His review you will find at January Magazine.

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