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»From where I sit, Pelecanos gets it all just right, and that he tells a hell of a good story is just very nice icing on a very tasty cake.«

Jonathan Yardley

Spero Lucas goes searching for a missing painting and the deadly boyfriend of a jilted woman. Jonathan Yardley about the latest thriller The Double by George Pelecanos. His review at The Washington Post.

»For Pelecanos, we are all just people, desperate to find a way through the murk of existence, investigator and criminal, perpetrator and victim, two sides of an irreconcilable coin. By rendering his characters equally self-aware and damaged, he affirms something about them while also making us complicit in their acts.«

David L. Ulin

The struggle with moral ambiguity: David L. Ulin on the new novel The Double by George Pelecanos. His review at the Los Angeles Times.

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Four new crime novels: Marilyn Stasio about new books by Pierre Lemaitre, George Pelecanos, Barry Lancet and Vidar Sundstol. Her reviews at The New York Times.