Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Gene Kerrigan

Crimemag am Samstag (Ausgabe vom 27. September 2014)
Unter anderem mit folgenden Beiträgen: Thomas Wörtche über Einsame Tiere von Bruce Holbert, Alf Meyer über Du verschwindest von Christian Jungersen, Peter Münder über Die Wut von Gene Kerrigan, Alf Meyer liest Garry Disher (Teil 2), Peter Münder über On the Run von Alice Goffman sowie Behind the Beautiful Forevers. Life, Death and Hope in a Mumbai Slum von Katherine Boo. Und noch einiges mehr.

  • USA Noir ed. by Johnny Temple
  • Dark Times in the City by Gene Kerrigan
  • Bryant & May and the Invisible Code by Christopher Fowler
  • The Midas Murders by Pieter Aspe

New crime fiction: Marilyn Stasio about new books by Gene Kerrigan, Christopher Fowler, Pieter Aspe and the anthology USA Noir edited by Johnny Temple. Her reviews at The New York Times.

»Most people who read genre fiction—science fiction or romance or crime—they tend to be habituates (…). They tend to buy a lot. And they essentially want the same experience over and over.«

Kent Carroll

On the trail of the next great crime novel: W.M. Akers about a small group of independent presses that putting out the kind of high-minded thriller that the giants of publishing seem to have no time for. He talked with Kent Carroll, publisher of Europa Editions, about the new line of crime fiction with authors like Jean-Claude Izzo and Gene Kerrigan. Read the portrait and interview at The New York Observer.