Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Gay Mystery

The winners of the 25th Annual Lambda Literary Awards were announced last monday in New York. Here are the nominees and winners for gay and lesbian mysteries:

Gay Mystery
  • Bokassa’s Last Apostle by Rod Shelton
  • Dos Equis by Anthony Bidulka
  • Fires of London by Janice Law
  •  Lake on the Mountain: A Dan Sharp Mystery by Jeffrey Round (Winner) 
  • The Yellow Canary by Steve Neil Johnson
Lesbian Mystery
  •  Ill Will by J.M. Redmann (Winner) 
  • Jacob’s War by C.P. Rowlands
  • Lemon Reef by Robin Silverman
  • Molly: House on Fire by R. E. Bradshaw
  • Rest for the Wicked by Ellen Hart

The complet list of all winners for the „Lammys“ you will find at the Website of the Lambda Literary Foundation (LLF).

This is really good news: All seven Henry Rios Mysteries by Michael Nava has just been republished as ebooks. A list you will find at Open Road Media.

And there is more good news: Director, author and screenwriter Kergan Edwards-Stout talked with Michael Nava about his groundbreaking gay mystery series. Read the conversation on the website of Mr. Edwards-Stout.

Upps, da ist mir doch glatt etwas durchgeruscht. Bereits am 4. Juni 2012 wurden die Gewinner der Lambda Literary Awards bekanntgegeben. Wie immer gibt es auch Preise für Kriminalliteratur.

Lesbian Mystery

  • Dying to Live by Kim Baldwin & Xenia Alexiou

Gay Mystery

  • Red White Black and Blue by Richard Stevenson

Alle weiteren Gewinner finden Sie hier.