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»Solo’s true literary craft lies in the subtlety of its correspondences – the way Bond’s solitary celebration of his birthday at the beginning mirrors his solo mission at the end – and also the suspenseful quality that keeps us on our toes until the closing pages. Mission accomplished.«

Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

Bond reactivated: Ludovic Hunter-Tilney about Solo, the new 007 novel by William Boyd. His review at Financial Times.

»The latest book – A Delicate Truth – is centred in modern Britain, on a supposed threat to national security and the use of dubious means towards a justifiable end; the challenge to an individual oppressed by the power of the state. It’s a political tale, appreciated across the political spectrum (über-conservative cabinet minister Michael Gove chose it as one of the Daily Mail’s »hottest reads« of the summer, even if it was »permeated with Leftie politics«). Like the reviewers, Gove probably didn’t pick up on the book’s strong attack on the secret courts for which his government voted (allowing matters of »national security« to be heard behind closed doors).«

Philippe Sands

Tea and conversation: Writer Philippe Sands talking with his neighbour David Cornwell, the novelist John le Carré. Read the fine portrait at Financial Times Magazine.