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„Dale Carpenter’s excellent new book, Flagrant Conduct: The Story of Lawrence v. Texas, is not only an in-depth study of the complicated background of the case, but also a highly informative, detailed, even thrilling account of how the Supreme Court arguments reshaped American law, possibly even inadvertently leading to the legalization of same-sex marriage.“
Michael Bronski reviews the book at

„In the standard account, in 1998 four sheriff’s deputies from Harris County (Houston), responding to a false report of someone waving a gun, entered an apartment and, after loudly identifying themselves, found two men — Tyron Garner and John Lawrence — enthusiastically violating the Texas sodomy law.“
David Oshinsky reviews the non-fictional book Flagrant Conduct:The Story of Lawrence v. Texas: How a Bedroom Arrest Decriminalized Gay Americans
by Dale Carpenter. His view on this „stirring and richly detailed account“ of the Lawrence vs. Texas case you can read at the