Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Factory Novels

»Here is the detective as sacrificial visionary. He has literally lost his own, personal life in the service of the impersonal quest for justice; this may seem to us, readers at a distance, a kind of madness.«

Joyce Carol Oates

Minimalism in fiction: Joyce Carol Oates on Derek Raymond and his two Factory novels He Died with His Eyes Open and I Was Dora Suarez. Her worth reading essay The Visionary Detective at The New York Review of Books.

»Though mostly unkown in the States outside of an obsessive cult following, the late British crime novelist Derek Raymond’s work is widely read and appreciated around the world — and especially in France, where the author lived for many years.«
Patrick Millikin on He Died with His Eyes Open, Dead Man Upright, The Devil’s Home on Leave, I Was Dora Suarez and How the Dead Live. His view on the new edition of the Factory Novels you can read at