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»If the sheer number of Leonard adaptations is remarkable, what is more remarkable still is how few of them are any good. No one was more aware of, or blunt about, this disappointing onscreen record than Leonard himself.«

Christopher Orr

The Elmore Leonard Paradox: Why so many screen adaptations of the work of America’s most cinematic novelist are so bad—and what makes the exceptions, like TV’s Justified, so good. An essay by Christopher Orr at The Atlantic.

»One evening I told him I went to a bookstore earlier, browsing in the suspense thriller section. I took a book off the shelf and opened it to the prologue. I recited the opening line: «The wind howled like a beast in pain.» Elmore took a beat and said: «Never open a book from the wind’s point of view.»«

Peter Leonard

Obituaries of 2013: Elmore Leonard remembered by Peter Leonard. Read more at The Guardian.