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»The fury of a woman scorned is just one of the perils encountered in Dangerous Women, a splendid cross-genre anthology featuring original stories by a number of writers, male and female.«

Elizabeth Hand

An impressive assembly of work: Elizabeth Hand about the anthology Dangerous Women, edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois. Her review at Los Angeles Times.

  • A Song from Dead Lips by William Shaw
  • Available Dark by Elizabeth Hand
  • The Frozen Dead by Bernard Minier
  • Seeking Mr Hare by Maurice Leitch
  • Precious Thing by Colette McBeth

Five books: Laura Wilson about new novels by William Shaw, Elizabeth Hand, Bernard Minier, Maurice Leitch and Colette McBeth. Her reviews at The Guardian.

»In Sophie Hannah’s The Other Woman’s House, Tana French’s Broken Harbor, Mo Hayder’s Gone, and Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, the danger appears to come from a husband. In Megan Abbott’s Dare Me, set in the hothouse adolescent world of competitive cheerleading, it comes from another girl. In other books, it’s an entire culture—California’s porn movie industry in Christa Faust’s Money Shot, the Arab world in Zoë Ferraris’s City of Veils, the diseased American heartland in Hoffman’s So Much Pretty

Elizabeth Hand

Fictional women use stealth, subterfuge, and hand-to-hand combat to fight back in a man’s world. Elizabeth Hand’s worth reading essay about Femininjas you will find at the Boston Review and at Salon.