Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Edgar Allan Poe

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»As part of Terror of the Soul, The Morgan has booked a spectacular program of events that run through January 16, 2014. It includes screenings of Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932) and House of Usher (1960), several gallery talks and guided tours, a performance by Elevator Repair Service, a reading by Robert Pinsky, and a discussion with Paul Auster. One of the events in the program won’t happen, after all. Lou Reed was scheduled to appear on November 5. He died too soon. Reed’s 2003 album The Raven adopted several of Poe’s tales and poems. His voice on these tracks has a dark jitteriness that seems just right. I can’t say why, exactly, but when I was standing in the library, looking at the Poe relics and thinking about Lou Reed, I kept hearing an earlier lyric, again and again: «It’s hard to live in the city.»«

Caleb Smith

Poe in Hard Times: Caleb Smith about the exhibition Edgar Allan Poe: Terror of the Soul at The Morgan Library & Museum in New York. His review at Los Angeles Review of Books.

»By comparing an unknown text to a group of known texts, the program can then rank the known authors by similarity. The Cuckoo’s Calling, for instance, was compared with work by Rowling, Ruth Rendell, P. D. James, and Val McDermid. While Rowling didn’t score No. 1 on every test—McDermid did well on some measures—Rowling had a high rank consistently across different measures. Once confronted, she confessed.

Could it work for Poe, too?«

Paul Collins

Technology: Paul Collins about the Java Graphical Author Attribution Program (JGAAP), two poems of Edgar Allan Poe and his „hidden“ older brother Henry. A fine essay on the obscure corner of Poe studies – at The New Yorker.

Freuden des Krimi-Depeschen-Dienststellenleiters: Bei den nächtlichen Streifzügen durch dieses Internet bin ich über ein mir bislang unbekanntes Goldstück gestolpert.

Die schottische Kriminalschriftstellerin Denise Mina hat sich auf die Spuren von Edgar Allan Poe begeben. Sie zeichnet sein Leben, sein Werk und sein Verhältnis zu Frauen nach. Denise Minas Kunst des Erzählens, die mir unter anderem in ihrem Roman The End of the Wasp Season so gefiel, wird auch in dieser TV-Dokumentation deutlich, die 2010 erstmals von BBC Four ausgestrahlt wurde. Eine junge, moderne Kriminalschriftstellerin entdeckt einen alten Meister – ein sehenswertes Biopic.

Via Women in Detective Fiction

»Edgar Allan Poe is everywhere. The Following, featuring murders based on Poe, occupies prime time Monday on Fox, and memories of Long Beach Opera’s production Philip Glass’s The Fall of the House of Usher linger on in San Pedro. There’s a story, true as far as I know, that when Roger Corman was in the middle of shooting House of Usher (1960) — one of his eight Poe adaptations, most of them starring Vincent Price — he heard that a house had just burned down in the Hollywood Hill.«

Geoff Nicholson

Looking for Edgar Allan: Geoff Nicholson about Poe and the Walk of the Worlds. His essay at Los Angeles Review of Books.

»This is why The Following, with its thinly veiled infatuation with omnipotent, amoral killers, has no right to invoke Poe. Beneath the gothic trappings of his verse and tales is the truth of human life, rather than a callow, sub-Nietzschean fantasy about casting off all moral restraints.«

Laura Miller

The horror of the The Following comes not just from the storytelling, but from the way it maligns the literary legacy of Edgar Allan Poe, Laura Miller says. Her comment on the TV Drama you can read at