Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Doug Johnstone

  • Petite Mort by Beatrice Hitchman
  • Gone Again by Doug Johnstone
  • The Quickening by Julie Myerson
  • We Are Here by Michael Marshall
  • the Catch by Tom Bale

New Thrillers in a review roundup by John O’Connell. His view about new books by Beatrice Hitchman, Doug Johnstone, Julie Myerson, Michael Marshall and Tom Bale you can read at The Guardian.

»It should probably be pointed out that Ratlines is not for the faint-hearted. There are two lengthy torture scenes, a number of severe beatings and a fair old body count, but it’s to Neville’s credit that none of this seems gratuitous.«

Doug Johnstone

Doug Johnstone about the new novel Ratlines by Stuart Neville. His review at The Independent.