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»As well as some genuinely funny moments, there is a deep seam of melancholy running through Red Or Dead, something that becomes most evident after Shankly retires and struggles to adapt to a quieter life.«

Doug Johnstone

An elegy to the beautiful game: Doug Johnstone about Red Or Dead, the latest novel by David Peace. His review you will find at The Independent.

»I don’t think I fit into that ‚buy this and read it on the beach‘ thing. I mean I don’t care about whodunit, or the chasey bits in stories.«

Denise Mina

Her novels don’t sit easily in the crime fiction mainstream – says Doug Johnstone. His worth reading portrait about Denise Mina you can catch at The Independent.

»There is a deeply melancholic undertow to Strange Bodies, reminiscent of Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go; indeed, both books share a morally complex look at mortality.«

Doug Johnstone

Obsession and horror in an eerily plausible modern Frankenstein: Doug Johnstone about the novel Strange Bodies by Marcel Theroux. His review at The Indendent.