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»It is a highly accomplished, fast-paced psychological drama in which the reader unwillingly sympathises with Dix Steele even though it is obvious from quite early on that he is a sociopath, and most likely a rapist and murderer.«

Chris Routledge

Book and film: Chris Routledge about the novel In a Lonely Place by Dorothy B. Hughes and the film adaption by Nicholas Ray. Read more at the fine blog The Venetian Vase.

»There are two books I want to emulate, copy, steal from. One is In a Lonely Place by Dorothy B. Hughes. The other is The Late Man, set in 1980s Wichita.«

Sarah Weinman

In the worth-reading Books To Die For-Series at the ShotsMag-Blog Sarah Weinman introduces us to two of her favorite crime novels and writers: In a Lonely Place by Dorothy B. Hughes and The Late Man by James Preston Girard.

»In his introduction to this new edition, Walter Mosley asks, but does not answer, why Hughes has not been as celebrated as her peers, like Raymond Chandler or James Ellroy

With this summer’s reissue of the 1963 noir The Expendable Man, New York Review Books has given readers the opportunity to rediscover the extraordinary Dorothy B. Hughes. Christine Smallwood about the author and her novel at