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»For all its artfulness, and despite a satisfying and wholly unexpected denouement, The Goldfinch both describes and understands the arbitrariness of life and never makes it seem simpler or more orderly than the fascinating, troubling mess it is.«

Geoff Nicholson

An accomplished work that understands the arbitrariness of life: Geoff Nicholson about the novel The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. His review at the Los Angeles Times.

»But the Victorian tenor of this thoroughly modern novel isn’t reflected only in its extended plot and vast collection of memorable characters. You can also feel that 19th-century spirit in the author’s willingness to take advantage of her enormous canvas to reflect self-consciously on moral and aesthetic concerns that so many contemporary fiction writers are too timid or too sophisticated to address directly.«

Ron Charles

A giant new masterpiece about a small masterpiece: Ron Charles reviews Donna Tartt’s latest novel The Goldfinch. His review at The Washington Post.