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Video from the morgue | Time Shift – Italian Noir: The Story of Italian Crime Fiction

This BBC Documentary profiles a new wave of Italian crime fiction that has emerged to challenge the conventions of the detective novel. There are no happy endings in these noir tales, only revelations about Italy’s dark heart – a world of corruption, unsolved murders and the mafia.

With Andrea Camilleri, Giancarlo De Cataldo, Massimo Carlotto, Carlo Lucarelli, Barbara Baraldi and about the influence of Carlo Emilio Gadda and Leonardo Sciascia.

„A new series of simplified, abridged Agatha Christie novels are set to introduce non-native English speakers to the glory of the British murder mystery.“
Alison Flood reports on the new versions of 20 detective novels produced for ‚upper intermediate‘ English language learners. Read (and learn) more at