Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Detecting Canada

»Jeannette Sloniowski and I are co-editing a collection of essays on Canadian crime writing … called Detecting Canada. In it, there is an essay by David Skene-Melvin that deals with the history of Canadian crime fiction, which he divides into … five periods: from the earliest begetters to 1880; 1880-1920; 1920-1940; 1940-1980; and 1980 to the present. He states that the decade 1970-1980 is one of transition in which the genre, as a truly Canadian expression of national consciousness, begins to emerge full bore.«

Marilyn Rose

A worth reading interview: J. Kingston Pierce in conversation with Marilyn Rose, the co-editor of Detecting Canada: Essays on Canadian Detective Fiction, Film, and Television. More about Canadian crime fiction at The Rap Sheet.

»American audiences do tend to be attracted to stories set in faraway places, we are told—but Canada, which is not well-known by Americans, generally speaking, may not strike American readers as particularly exotic.«

Marilyn Rose

J. Kingston Pierce about the book Detecting Canada: Essays on Canadian Detective Fiction, Film, and Television by Jeannette Sloniowski and Marilyn Rose. The first part of his essay about Canadian Crime Fiction you can read at The Kirkus Review.